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The Chocolate Experience in Dillenburg has exhibition stations that explain the journey from the unique cocoa fruit to inconspicuous, bitter cocoa beans to the delicious liquid, brown-gold chocolate we all know and love. Interesting information is conveyed in a fun way on the tour, and you can use all of your senses, for example when sampling the chocolate fountain.

The exhibition is open to visitors free of charge.


Schoggi-Weihnachtsmann giessen

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Ein kreativer Spass für Gross und Klein. Giesse deinen eigenen Schoggi-Weihnachtsmann oder Schoggi-Engel aus feinster Läderach Schokolade. 

Datum und Zeit:         2. Dezember 2017, 10 - 17 Uhr
Kosten pro Person:    EUR 15

Learn about chocolate’s origin....

Visit the Chocolate Experience exhibition in Dillenburg to get a glimpse of the exotic world of cocoa and find out how cocoa beans are turned into fine Läderach chocolate.

The exhibition is open to visitors free of charge


Find out more about the origin of chocolate »

... the fascinating factory...

A tour of the chocolate factory – for many, a childhood dream come true.

On the tour, you can look over the shoulders of Läderach confectioners to watch them at work, as true couverture works of chocolate art come to life. You can also taste and enjoy our products.

This will give you an appetite for more – so then you can create your very own chocolate.

… and artistic artisanal skills

Let our confectioners guide you through the world of the chocolatier.

Whether in a guided tasting session or when creating your own masterpiece.


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